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Wedly - Product UX Designer

Wedly is marketplace that connects engaged couples with local wedding professionals.

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Role —  Product Designer:

I was hired to be the Product design lead on Wedly, a New Zealand founded marketplace that aims to connect engaged couples with local wedding professionals. Currently, thousands of couples use the platform to search, compare and book from a directory of over 2,500 vendors. NZ customers will soon be able to view new features and UI of the Wedly product that I researched and tested.

Outputs for wedly:

  • User research and data review

  • Clickable prototype for testing 

  • Usability testing & findings report

  • IA & Customer journey mapping

  • The design system for developers

  • A/B testing and high fidelity visual design of marketing website




After an intensive week of interviewing business stakeholders and key primary users of Wedly, I co-create wireframes with the team to establish a blueprint of the primary pages of the platform.

▶️ Wireframe demo


In addition to creating wires, I established a sitemap of the IA structure which was later tested through Tree Jack testing on Optimal Workshop.

Wedly sitemap - wedding planner user flow - 2 of 2.png


Loveable features

Below are three features that tested particularly well:

  • Budget tool. which syncs with booked vendors through the platform

  • Guest list manager. This tells the couple which of their guests have accepted their invites. It also triggers reminders throughout multiple time frames.

  • Vendor profiles. This feature in particular was especially well received. Couples loved the idea of getting to know their vendors more before booking and vendors found the profile as a communications tool of connecting with their clients.

Preview all lovable features in the Wireframe demo.

Budget tool

Budget tool


Customer journey mapping

Wedly needed a blueprint of their customers journey to showcase to their team and future investors. This required working closely with the team to visualise the entire journey so that the team could understand what a customers journey is, and articulate exactly how Wedly will solve problems that customers are facing.

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Marketing website A/B testing

In addition to designing the actual product, Wedly needed a simple marketing site to showcase their product and pricing.

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A/B testing taught me the following:

  • Name the features and state clearly what’s available within that feature.

  • People skim the plans, so list the prices concisely.

  • A highlighted plan that you really want people to buy.

  • A Show off the free trial (if there is one).

  • Demonstrate trust by adding in some security logos and/or a money-back guarantee copy.

  • The inclusion of testimonials and/or recognisable logos.


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