Journeys, maps and flows

Mapping in any format is something I love to do.
Mapping the 10,000 ft view not only helps the team gain an understanding of each customers touch point, it’s a useful artefact that anyone can digest and share to the wider business.

Journey Map-katieLocke

Customer Journey Map

This is a customer journey map of Wedly - a recent project I been part of.

Wedly is a product for Brides and Grooms. It's a 'one stop shop' for better management of wedding budgets, time, goals and vendors. It also has little spices of delightful features in there, like a fantastic on boarding journey, video tips, syncing up with a larger community and sending reminders.

I created this map for two key reasons:

  1. To ensure that the stakeholders and I were on the same page on where and when Wedly’s product was going to be adding value to our customers lives
  2. To ensure that I understood the customers current actions by articulating their current stages and correlating their feelings at each stage.
Influencer framework-min (1).png

Influence Framework

Now I have a clear idea of the stages, actions, feelings and opportunities for Wedly’s customers. What next? Well after doing some research, I came across the “Influencer Framework” - a framework designed to map the high level influence of audience persuasion.

I tired the framework out and thought it was useful in distilling the fundamental behaviours of New Zealand Brides and Grooms. It’s a nice way of prescribing a flow of how the behaviours will marry to the J.T.B.D. This is one of the artefacts that gets referred back too frequently as we’re reminding ourselves “what’s the problem we’re trying to solve?” We can look at it and ponder how might this solution match the desired behaviour and ultimately persuade the customer that Wedly is solving that problem.

Reference video: The Influencers Framework.

Influencer framework4.png


Needless to say, a sitemap is extremely useful. It allows you to once again, see from 10,000 ft view of all the pages, subpages, popups and forms throughout the experience. When a website or product get’s complex and hosts many paths, sitemaps are a great way of ensuring that these paths are documented and cared for.