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Role —  Product Design

The Inclusionary Housing team was trying to find ways to increase usage of their affordable housing calculator. This calculator is designed to allow communities to explore the relationship between various local incentives and the development of mixed income housing in America. The team hired me to find ways to understand who their target audiences are, how we can make the calculator meaningful to them, while also understanding what features should be developed into the road map.


  • Hosted a kick off meeting with a user persona workshop with team in San Francisco.

  • Created personas of their audiences that have been supported by a quantitative research.

  • Information Architecture testing of the site map & proposed recommendations.

  • User research including contextual interviews and observation studies.

  • Wireframing, user testing and developed prototypes of the new calculator.

  • Created high fidelity designs ready for development sprints

  • Worked with product managers to create a feature development roadmap.


“Katie’s involvement in this project was critical to the success of the new Inclusionary Calculator. Her user centred approach to discovering what the user needs were and how we could cater the calculator to those needs, was a radical change to how the team thought about the products future. She’s was a great asset to the team, I look forward to working with her again!”
Quotes from Tech Lead


Design system

This included working closely with the teams developer to think establish design rules for every interface. This was largely a quality control exercise so that the team was building a product that reflected exactly what the tested design outputs were intending to establish.

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Feature development: User on boarding


Since discovering who their target audiences are, the team discussed the possibility of a new audience that had no background information of an Inclusionary Housing calculator that they wanted to market the product to. Due to new users not having contextual awareness, I pitched for a user on-boarding experience so that these people can come up to speed on how to use the calculator and what they’ll gain from it.

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