I’ve been designing, researching and questioning how people interact with digital experiences for 5 years. This includes working for an electric car-sharing startup, the New Zealand Government and currently, Pushpay. New Zealand's fastest growing tech company. Within these years, I’ve absorbed knowledge, gained mentorship and gathered experience by focusing on my passion.

Understanding what gets you out of bed everyday is one of life's trickiest puzzles. Lucky for me, I can tell you precisely what my purpose is and what I’m all about. 



IA for me is like a dance routine. It's about the calculated, choreography we want to user to take. When I design information, labels and calls to actions, I think about hierarchy, taxonomy and navigation.

User interviews

This practice for me requires studying people in their context and exploring their behaviours. I love people. Deeply exploring and empathising with people and their behaviours is, in my opinion, the key to great experiences.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a prototype is worth 10,000. I use lean prototyping methods as a tool to show stakeholders and engineers how and why users can migrate experiences into their lives.
Here is an example of a prototype that i've created.


UI design

Detailed orientated. Creatively executed. The right side of my brain is an filling system filled with colours, micro-interactions, patterns and icons. 

Design systems

Fundamentally, I'm all about systems. When I design, I integrate the fabric of what makes a good system. I design for consistency, accessibility and scalability. 

Here is a work in progress design system that i've crafted.

User flows

To me, there are 3 key pillars that foster a successful journey.

  1. The job to be done. What has the user set out to achieve?

  2. Interactions. What are the necessary steps for a user to satisfy those tasks to achieve the overall goal?

  3. Emotions. How might the user feel before, during, and after the flow?

Here is an example of a user's journey that i've architected.